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Recent Articles

  • Enjoy rejuvenating experiences in Finland
    26 Oct
    Enjoy rejuvenating experiences in Finland


    Take in the country’s unspoilt landscapes and be one with nature through the many experiences for the body and soul.

  • Reading on the move
    24 Oct
    Reading on the move


    The National Library Board provides convenient access to library information and transactions through its newly enhanced mobile app.

  • Never too late to learn
    23 Oct
    Never too late to learn


    More than 160 seniors participated in seven ILP workshops and worked with their junior buddies.

  • Food heaven
    19 Oct
    Food heaven


    Lonely Planet’s latest book gives you a gastronomical experience around the world from fine dining to street food spots.

  • A journey of self-discovery
    17 Oct
    A journey of self-discovery


    Work-life transition workshops to guide those over 50s to achieve happiness and stay relevant at work.