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Recent Articles

  • Be a Silver Infocomm Wellness Ambassador
    24 Mar
    Be a Silver Infocomm Wellness Ambassador


    If you have embraced information and communications technology, and inspired your peers to use the technology, become an ambassador.

  • Bringing up the standards
    23 Mar
    Bringing up the standards


    The guidelines on user interface design for older adults was launched to promote an age-inclusive society.

  • A many-helping-hands approach
    21 Mar
    A many-helping-hands approach


    Two NUS medical students came up with home care where secondary and university students work together with community allied health professionals to care for vulnerable elderly in the community.

  • Abundant learning opportunities at 50plus 2017
    15 Mar
    Abundant learning opportunities at 50plus 2017


    The largest forum has to date 72 talks on a wide range of subjects including health and wellness, active ageing and financial literacy.

  • Gastric reflux
    14 Mar
    Gastric reflux


    Do you sometimes experience your food coming back up your oesophagus and you don’t know why? We have some answers.