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Recent Articles

  • A guide to all
    26 Sep
    A guide to all


    A 76-year-old recounts her early years, but it is her present doing voluntary guiding that she is most proud of.

  • Breathe in good air
    21 Sep
    Breathe in good air


    Air conditioner filter that removes airborne particles like dirt, pollen and smoke.

  • Hong Kong’s seniors age-in-place
    20 Sep
    Hong Kong’s seniors age-in-place


    The country’s Housing Society has come up with initiatives to address this need for seniors who prefer staying in their own homes.

  • Get fit!
    19 Sep
    Get fit!


    Move over GuavaPass, there is now a platform just for seniors so they can exercise and bond.

  • Therapies for AF-related stroke prevention
    13 Sep
    Therapies for AF-related stroke prevention


    Though warfarin is commonly used, non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants are increasingly a better option.