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Recent Articles

  • Stay active with a sharper vision
    28 Apr
    Stay active with a sharper vision


    Essilor has launched three progressive lenses that help those with presbyopia.

  • Overcoming the digital divide
    25 Apr
    Overcoming the digital divide


    North East seniors recently embraced smartphone technology thanks to workshop, which will be rolled out to more constituencies and schools in the district.

  • Allergy education
    20 Apr
    Allergy education


    Watsons launches initiatives for its customers to better understand allergies and empower them to self-manage their conditions.

  • My bucket-list
    19 Apr
    My bucket-list


    Dr William Wan shares his bucket-list and quite a few items he has already checked off including skydiving and scuba diving!

  • Making sense of headaches
    12 Apr
    Making sense of headaches


    While most will ease after some time, other conditions may require medical attention.