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Recent Articles

  • Remembering LKY
    26 Mar
    Remembering LKY


    Seniors share their heartfelt tributes to a man who has contributed a lot to Singapore.

  • Bladeless laser cataract surgery
    26 Mar
    Bladeless laser cataract surgery


    This latest treatment allows patients to heal faster and less of the usual side effects.

  • Befriending seniors
    23 Mar
    Befriending seniors


     Students from Nanyang Polytechnic teach seniors how to use iPads and lead a qigong session.

  • A virtual retirement village
    17 Mar
    A virtual retirement village


    No physical walls, those over 55 get to enjoy the services of a physical retirement village right in Singapore.

  • Police stories
    13 Mar
    Police stories


    A senior shares three interesting stories involving his many years working in the Singapore Police Force.