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Recent Articles

  • Trishaw uncles
    16 Dec
    Trishaw uncles


    Many elderly trishaw drivers are plying the streets of Singapore today – this dying trade requires much strength and stamina, and is no longer as popular as its yesteryears. But these four senior drivers still ride tirelessly day after day, for just enough pocket money to get by.

  • Soul-searching
    11 Dec


    A senior recounts her past through her book, and comes out of it with a little more understanding.

  • Tough to swallow
    09 Dec
    Tough to swallow


    Dysphagia affects a number of older adults and for caregivers, there are several approaches to ease the problem.

  • Go organic
    02 Dec
    Go organic


    Eat organic pastas to fruits jams.

  • Honouring Pioneer Generation women
    01 Dec
    Honouring Pioneer Generation women


    WINGS celebrates the women pioneers from the community and introduces its WAGSLite programme.