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Recent Articles

  • Facebook for eldercare
    26 May
    Facebook for eldercare


    Focusing more on the person is what a new IT initiative by Lien Foundation will do for seniors in several nursing homes and day care centres.

  • Managing liver cancer
    25 May
    Managing liver cancer


    Liver cancer is the third most fatal cancer in Singapore, affecting 24 in every 100,000 people per year. The most common, HCC, is both difficult to detect with little to no symptoms.

  • A friend in need
    24 May
    A friend in need


    Ow Tuck Choy is a busy man these days as he has 10 befriendees under him that he keeps a close eye on. As much as it prevents vulnerable seniors from further social isolation, he also gains in making new friends.

  • Taking care of your prostate health
    18 May
    Taking care of your prostate health


    BPH is a common condition in men above 50 years old. It can be managed if detected early but, if left untreated, there are long-term consequences on the bladder and kidney.

  • Calling for volunteers
    16 May
    Calling for volunteers


    Help out in an arts-based community engagement on end-of-life issues for at least one year.