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Recent Articles

  • Remembering the younger days
    24 Apr
    Remembering the younger days


    A survivor of the tragic Bukit Ho Swee fire of 1961, James Seah has found a way to deal with his younger days by blogging about it.

  • Adding a little muscle
    22 Apr
    Adding a little muscle


    With muscle mass decreasing with age, this powder formula helps support muscle maintenance.

  • The ABLEity to live independently
    17 Apr
    The ABLEity to live independently


    Khoo Teck Puat Hospital’s ABLE Studio has evolved over the years and now serves as one-stop shop for not just the home care and rehab products but also others designed by its staff.

  • The debate on euthanasia
    15 Apr
    The debate on euthanasia


    A senior shares her viewpoint on a controversial topic.

  • Dealing with back pain
    10 Apr
    Dealing with back pain


    Back pain is common for people of all ages, and sometimes surgery is not the only answer.