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Recent Articles

  • Awashed with paint
    26 Feb
    Awashed with paint


    A senior recalls a vivid memory from the days when he was teaching.

  • Preserve old photos
    24 Feb
    Preserve old photos


    A new photo-scanning app called Heirloom captures your old photos before they start to fade even more.

  • Hooked on learning
    19 Feb
    Hooked on learning


    There is no stopping Clement Tan as he really enjoys learning new things, with a Master’s degree possibly on the cards.

  • Men, get socially & physically active
    17 Feb
    Men, get socially & physically active


    An observational study done by NUS found that those single or widowed men aged 55 years and over have a higher risk of cognitive impairment.

  • Timeout with pioneers
    13 Feb
    Timeout with pioneers


    Two movements/campaigns on social media are encouraging people to spent time with seniors and to celebrate their “pioneering spirit”.