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Recent Articles

  • Cultivating a DIY culture
    24 May
    Cultivating a DIY culture


    One man is on a mission. Though he hasn’t been successful yet, he is hoping to change the throwaway culture that exists and encourage people to repair, reuse and recycle.

  • Dementia care ward in new All Saints Home
    20 May
    Dementia care ward in new All Saints Home


    To address an increasing demand for dementia services, the voluntary welfare organisation has a special ward for 49 dementia residents who are vulnerable elderly.

  • HPB dishes out ‘Recipe for Healthy Ageing’
    19 May
    HPB dishes out ‘Recipe for Healthy Ageing’


    This is a part of a nutrition campaign under the Action Plan for Successful Ageing to empower seniors to eat right and age well.

  • On the road to recovery
    18 May
    On the road to recovery


    The first dedicated wellness centre helps stroke survivors after their rehabilitation or discharge so they can lead normal and as full lives as possible.

  • Taking control
    12 May
    Taking control


    Though Pang Boon Kow knows the realities of Parkinson’s disease and that he may one day become bedridden, he is not letting that affect him and he is taking each day as it comes.