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Recent Articles

  • Root canal treatment
    02 Sep
    Root canal treatment


    Q. Is root canal the root cause of chronic degenerative disease? Is this true or just a myth? Is the treatment a safe or viable option to save our teeth?

  • Being happy, healthy, productive & purposeful
    26 Aug
    Being happy, healthy, productive & purposeful


    New structured empowerment programme that is targeted to U Live members who are 55 years and above.

  • A juggling act
    20 Aug
    A juggling act


    Ahamed Ali Khan has been blessed to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming an actor as well as a writer. But at times, he feels torn.

  • His love affair with computers
    12 Aug
    His love affair with computers


    Thanks to working with computers in his early days, Sunny Chan has faced the computer and tamed it, and is using his skills to help seniors at RSVP.

  • Joys of ageing
    05 Aug
    Joys of ageing


    New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner shares about longevity and happiness from meeting some of the oldest people living on Earth.