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Understanding stroke

Q. I have several questions about stroke – what are the main risk factors? What are the common signs of stroke? How common is a stroke? Why is it important to call 995 for an ambulance?


10 ways to improve male sexual performance

As we age, just like bodily functions, sexual performance may also not be as great as before.


Stroke awareness campaign

Key messages are to ‘Stop Stroke’ and ‘Spot Stroke’.


Learn new things

The National Library’s The Time of Your Life event is back for its fourth edition with more to learn.


Myths of mammogram & breast cancer

Get the lowdown and get screened.


Low repeat mammogram rate among Singaporean women

Women over 50 are encouraged to go for their mammogram once every two years.


Let’s get physical!

Theatre For Seniors is offering a workshop on movement.


Theatre served with a side of dementia

To raise awareness of dementia, Forget Us Not presents a unique, improvisational theatre experience based on spontaneously shared stories of caregivers and persons with dementia.


Drinking tea improves brain health

Study led by NUS scientists show that those who consume tea at least four times a week have better brain efficiency.


Intergenerational bonding

Youth Corps’ programme puts youths together with socially-isolated seniors for 10 weeks in hopes of building lasting friendships.