One-stop resource portal on dementia

The new digital portal provides resources to support persons living with dementia and raises awareness about the condition.

Walk in support of the dementia community

A nationwide virtual steps challenge by the Alzheimer’s Disease Association.

Theatre served with a side of dementia

To raise awareness of dementia, Forget Us Not presents a unique, improvisational theatre experience based on spontaneously shared stories of caregivers and persons with dementia.

Need to change attitudes towards dementia

National survey shares that 72 percent of persons with dementia feel rejection and loneliness, while 50 percent feel they cannot be open with others regarding their condition.

Missing loved ones

Harnessing the power of social media to help find seniors who have wandered off.

Patient ceiling hoist

The system improves quality of care, eases physical demands on caregivers, and reduces caregivers’ dependence.

A mind unravelling

Theatre company Pangdemonium delves into the all-important issue of dementia.

Celebrating the unsung heroes in caregiving

A new community online portal that shares the stories of caregivers and provides them with as much information to help them care for their loved ones.

Jade Circle revived

After some “administrative hurdles in 2015”, the new nursing home for those with dementia is expected to be ready in 2019 and with further features.

First nursing home becomes a Go-To Point

There are now 13 Go-To Points in Yishun for lost seniors with dementia.

The newest kid on the block

Coddle offers medical accompaniment as well as befriending for seniors.

Gard game to fight dementia

Twenty-six-old comes up with initiative to plug gap in home-based activities.

NTUC inks deal with Caregiver Asia

The two agreements include providing caregiver services as well as training and employment opportunities.

A kueh lapis of activities

A senior activity book for families and caregivers to share with seniors.

A community of care

The Silver Caregivers Co-operative launches a mentor-mentee programme so new caregivers don’t have to walk alone.