Endowment plan

Insurer FWD brings back plan that gives high returns over a short period of time.

Funds transfer made easy

PayNow lets you transfer funds from one bank to another using your mobile phone or Singapore NRIC.

Changing seniors’ mindsets

The Centre For Seniors’ programme provides the tools to seniors so they can be self-aware and have meaningful lives.

Maid insurance

Insurer FWD provides zero excess for the mandatory security bond in its base plan.

7 money tips for retirees

Handy tips to make your retirement transition smoother.

Building your nest egg through low-risk investments

Those looking at retiring need to make prudent investments so they can build their nest egg.

New five-year capital guaranteed endowment plans

The plans are available in Renminbi and Singapore dollars. 

Taking a stand against elder financial abuse

With cases of financial abuse surfacing locally and agencies reporting more cases of financial abuse, a US expert who did a free webinar shares her insights.

Coming out of retirement

Patrick Tay got a calling to go back to the sea as a marine engineer after staying away for 35 years. However, it was a short stint and he is looking for his next adventure.

E-commerce scams on the rise

If a deal is too good to be true, you should be immediately wary.

Comparing life insurance products online

New Web portal to help consumers make informed decisions about what policy to buy and how much coverage to get.

New scheme reduces out-of-pocket costs

MOH will be introducing the Flexi-Medisave scheme in April which will allow those 65 and above to tap their Medisave accounts.

An extra helping hand

A non-profit organisation in the heart of Chinatown helps the needy and elderly provide for themselves.

Manage your debt wisely

It is best to work out your finances before taking a loan or you might end up in a debt trap.

Giving seniors job opportunities

What started out as a bridge to help friends find jobs after their retrenchment has turned into a full-fledged company that focuses on getting seniors work.