Digital health system to support those with diabetes

The subscription-based service allows users to track their glucose levels and other indicators, and access digital and health coach support.

Vaccine for shingles prevention

Shingles affects one in three people across the Asia-Pacific region and can cause lasting pain and other complications.

Depression amongst men

Men with depression may turn to drugs or alcohol to cope, and they are also at a higher risk of suicide.

Overcoming a visual handicap

Loke Kai Yu has vision problems but that hasn’t stopped her from finding solutions so she can continue living a meaningful life.

Self-rated health, depressive symptomatology at older-midlife in Singapore

CARE releases its latest research brief shedding light on the health and well-being of this group.

New campaign to help families talk about advance care planning

The NTU undergraduates behind the campaign found that more than eight in 10 adults have not discussed their parents’ future health and personal care preferences with them.

Understanding the new ADC

Find out more about how this antibody-drug conjugate works and its side effects.

A “biological guided missile”

International data study findings show that the new anti-cancer treatment agent may be effective in second-line treatment.

Living with hepatitis B

Gilead Sciences launches a video series showcasing four individuals above 50 managing the chronic disease.

A home eye pressure testing device

Kelu Yu’s father was diagnosed with glaucoma and seeing a gap for a less invasive and accessible method to test, she came up with a solution.

Therapeutic gardens in Singapore

Still a new concept, these gardens are said to help improve mood and mental well-being.

Everything organic & natural

Terra Madre offers a retail store and restaurant at Dempsey Hill.

Bringing awareness of eye conditions

An eye care book sheds light on the common eye conditions including cataract and glaucoma, and offers eye care tips.

Loan library for those with low vision

SNEC patients can try the various assistive technology devices before purchasing the right one for their needs.

Colorectal cancer diagnoses dropped over 40 percent during COVID-19 pandemic

Experts find this fall a consequence of the suspension of screening programmes and postponement of non-urgent colonoscopy investigation.