Singapore Heart Foundation introduces Down with Hypertension Programme

It hopes to tackle blood pressure management in the community with a strong focus on the impact of salt on blood pressure.

Let’s be honest

‘Honest cookies’ to be distributed islandwide to encourage honest conversations about mental health.

National Stadium lights up

The Singapore Sports Hub raises awareness for the dementia community.

Booster shots to start soon for seniors

With over 80 percent of the population fully vaccinated as at end-August, the conversation is now on the booster shots.

Chiropractic care & its benefits

Enjoy your golden years with a little bit of help.

Health screening centre and dental clinic opens in Orchard

Healthway Medical increases access to affordable services at central locations.

Alzheimer’s Disease Association becomes Dementia Singapore

The organisation will expand its focus from Alzheimer’s disease to other dementia-related conditions and will launch four dementia initiatives.

Tooth truths

Some of those who do not visit the dentist regularly are also embarrassed about their dental health.

Singaporeans aged 40 to 65 are optimistic about ageing, according to a study

Respondents in this age group want to live their later years with energy and zest.

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital pilots non-invasive ventilation remote monitoring system

The novel approach allows patients to be monitored in general wards so the ICU can continue serving the severely-ill.

Is going plant-based a healthier option?

Be mindful to read the food labels.

Local celebrities bring awareness to dementia

Dementia Singapore has partnered with Tay Ping Hui and Munah Bagharib as its first-ever brand ambassadors.

Take a walk to remember

This event brings awareness of and about dementia, as well as those impacted by it.

Global dementia cases forecasted to triple by 2050

New analysis shows a decrease in prevalence due to education countered by increase due to heart health risk factors.

DIY COVID antigen kit vs COVID PCR test

With these DIY kits now available, here are some things to keep in mind.