Non-invasive methods to screen patients for chronic kidney disease, predict their biological age

The new tools by the Singapore Eye Research Institute use artificial intelligence-based deep learning algorithms to scan photos of patients’ retina.

Improve your ZZZs

Learn more about your sleep style and patterns with Fitbit’s new Sleep Profile.

Swimming programme for stroke survivors

ABLE has resumed its programme and is open for those below 67.

AI used to improve colorectal cancer screening results

The system will automatically alert doctors performing the scope in real-time if varying shapes and sizes of polyps and lesions are detected.

Round-the-clock pharmacy in the neighbourhood

The over-the-counter medicine vending machine dispenses more than 60 medicines for mild and common ailments.

New therapeutic option to reduce risk of cardiovascular deaths and repeated hospitalisations

Heart failure is extremely prevalent in Singapore. In 2015, 4.5 percent of Singaporeans live with heart failure, with the average age of a heart failure patient at 61 years old.

First holistic robotics rehabilitation centre

The centre features a robotic medical device for gait rehabilitation and a treadmill training integrated with augmented and virtual reality.

Seniors not as stressed as working adults

This year’s OSIM Wellness Survey also found that Baby Boomers were the most stressed by the Government restrictions and limitations on visitors to households.

Check your hearing

Getting an appointment for the National University Hospital’s Mobile Hearing Clinic.

Tai chi improves Parkinson’s disease and mild cognitive impairment

Research from China that leans towards non-drug interventions cites benefits in Tai chi.

TCM – a viable option for managing dry eye

Researchers found acupuncture across four weeks led to favourable changes in protein levels in tear fluids.

Don’t defer your health check-ups this year

With the pandemic, seniors around the world are more cautious and are staying at home. However, deferring or cancelling health screenings and regular check-ups may not be a good idea.

Travel insurance plan with access to COVID-19 medical concierge

Overseas medical expense coverage and emergency evaluation for peace of mind.

Breaking down anxiety

What is it and when can it be classified as a disorder?

New natural food offering from Australia

Flavour and nutritiously richer than the standard produce, this range of food includes fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables.