Local celebrities bring awareness to dementia

Dementia Singapore has partnered with Tay Ping Hui and Munah Bagharib as its first-ever brand ambassadors.

Take a walk to remember

This event brings awareness of and about dementia, as well as those impacted by it.

Global dementia cases forecasted to triple by 2050

New analysis shows a decrease in prevalence due to education countered by increase due to heart health risk factors.

DIY COVID antigen kit vs COVID PCR test

With these DIY kits now available, here are some things to keep in mind.

Meals to smile about

The National Dental Centre Singapore launches its first cookbook for patients who have undergone dental treatment.

Retaining at least 20 teeth

A National Dental Centre pilot programme helps seniors achieve good oral function.

Train your brain

State-of-the-art brain training, neurofeedback, biofeedback and neuroscience centre to help individuals sleep better and deal with mental and emotional issues.

Free gut health predictor

AMILI and NUHS have launched the predictor, which could help pave the way in identifying new treatment therapies of the gut in the future.

A day at the arcade

When you are giving your brain a workout, you are physically working out too and you don’t realise it.

Treating a sagging face

It can affect self-confidence so what can we do about it? For some, it is no problem at all.

Tattoo regrets?

There are many different options to remove a tattoo.

One-stop health screening centre

With laboratory and radiology services, patients can get personalised screening by a doctor who can then review their results.

Get protected against pneumonia

Pneumonia is the second leading cause of death in Singapore and it can be prevented by getting vaccinated.

Coping with TB

Last year, Zam Zam Binte Juma’at was diagnosed with TB. With a little incentive, she has kept on course with her treatment.

Visco-supplementation treatment

A treatment for knee arthritis which is a temporary measure to delay eventual surgery.