Discounts at FairPrice for low-income families

Identified through the CHAS Blue card, customers will enjoy a three-percent discount at all FairPrice stores and Unity pharmacies every Thursday.

Talking about intimacy

A group of women aged 59 to 82 share their thoughts in a segment called Not Grey: Intimacy, Ageing and Being as part of the Festival of Women N.O.W. 2021.

Revitalising seniors’ golden years

Two design projects that address ageing societies received the Design of the Year Award.

Revised COVID-19 measures at libraries and archives

The National Library Board to increase operating capacity in its libraries and archives to 50 percent.

Wearables & its future to seniors

A new report shows barriers to adoption, however this will change in coming years as broad market acceptance will drive the interest among the 65+ population.

Remembering Singapore’s past

The first issue of +65 published by the Founders’ Memorial surrounds the theme of “Home”.

Adopt a green lifestyle

There is lots we can do including these nine tips.

Dwell time limits on weekends

As a result of Phase 2, the National Library Board’s facilities will be reduced to 50 percent.

New Union Member deals with NTUC’s 60th anniversary

NTUC Enterprise also announced the opening of the newly revamped Kopitiam outlet at Plaza Singapura.

Download your favourite icon

Familiar faces make up a campaign shareable GIF sticker series.

NTUC FairPrice expands range of halal-certified products

FairPrice is also distributing beverages with dates or snacks to the Muslim community at 60 of its stores.

Keeping a healthy in-law relationship

Learn some tips on how you can strengthen your relationship with your in-laws.

More ‘die-logues’ around end-of-life issues

A new graphic novel addresses these complex, weighted questions.

A homage to hawker centres

Asian food stalls included in a food hall concept in Resorts World Las Vegas this summer.

First Geragogy Guidelines

The Council for Third Age elevates training standard in senior learning.