Lowering blood glucose

Alchemy Foodtech launches Alchemy Fibre, a slowly-digestible carbohydrate that is high in dietary fibre and prebiotics.


Air purifier

RUHENS launches its four-stage purification system.


A breath of filtered fresh air

A Singapore-designed reusable respirator that protects against airborne contaminants.


Healthy noodles

The new KOKA Baked Multigrain Noodles range are instant, baked and palm oil-free.


Cleaning the floor with steam

Karcher’s latest steam mop is able to penetrate and deep-clean virtually all surfaces.


Blood sugar control

Health supplement MororiX is ideal for pre-diabetics and help against the progress to Type-2 diabetes.


Supporting muscle health

Abbott’s new improved Ensure Life with HMB has more Vitamin D and protein.


Your caffeine fix

Whole coffee beans from Africa and Peru now in Singapore.


Homemade live yogurt

Ayam Brand Nutrition launches a yogurt where you just add water.


The latest in progressive lens

Essilor focuses its efforts on vision at arm’s length.