Tonic water

The lighter and lower-calorie range can be mixed with your spirit of choice.

Splash-proof portable speaker

Listen to music for up to 20 hours.

Alleviating sensitive skin conditions

Two dermatological products that can help moisturise dry skin.

Starchless, zero-cholesterol noodles

These noodles are ideal for seniors and diabetics.

Festive cocktails

Six new cocktails are bursting with Christmas spirit and festive joy.

The ‘Promises’ jewellery collection

This 50-piece collection is a collaboration between Daughters Diamonds and Eye Care Without Borders initiative.

Sleep well

Europe’s Emma Original Mattress comes to Singapore.

New local vodka addition

Singapore Distillery has expanded into the vodka category with Merlion Vodka.

Holiday sweet treats

Put a smile on family or friends’ faces with chef Janice Wong’s 2020 collection.

Start projecting

Advanced lamp-free projector solutions for home entertainment to a fun mobile lifestyle.

Server & power bank in one solution

The Trek iSSD offers this and more.

Lowering blood glucose

Alchemy Foodtech launches Alchemy Fibre, a slowly-digestible carbohydrate that is high in dietary fibre and prebiotics.

Air purifier

RUHENS launches its four-stage purification system.

A breath of filtered fresh air

A Singapore-designed reusable respirator that protects against airborne contaminants.

Healthy noodles

The new KOKA Baked Multigrain Noodles range are instant, baked and palm oil-free.