First holistic robotics rehabilitation centre

by | April 26, 2022

The centre features a robotic medical device for gait rehabilitation and a treadmill training integrated with augmented and virtual reality.


Lokomat Nanos.

Singapore Robotics Rehabilitation Centre, a collaboration with DIH Asia Pacific Hub, the global distributor of rehabilitation technology, has opened the first holistic robotics rehabilitation centre in Singapore.

The centre is helmed by Chien Han How, who also owns the Sleepwake Centre, which helps with adults and children suffering from conditions related to sleep. Chien is a believer in the benefits of medical technology and has close to 30 years’ experience in the business of non-surgical management of patients with neuro physiological, respiratory and sleep disorder conditions. With the opening of the new centre, he hopes to make medical technology accessible to all as he believes that technology also has a big role to play in non-surgical therapy such as rehabilitation.

The Singapore Robotics Rehabilitation Centre is equipped with an integrated team of highly trained therapists who aim to help restore function in patients suffering from stroke, trauma, reparable spinal injuries, hip replacement, chronic pain, and many other physically debilitating conditions by designing interdisciplinary, patient-focused treatments that can best help patients regain a better quality of life. The private facility, which is located on Orchard Road, features the Lokomat Nanos by Hocoma and the C-Mill VR+ with Hero Solution by Motek. Hocoma and Motek are under the parent group of DIH International.

The Lokomat which according to the Hocoma has been proven in more than 400 studies, provides highly intensive physiological gait rehabilitation for severely impaired neurological patients using the exoskeleton system, designed to ease the strain on the lower body while retraining mobility functions and motor skills in a more natural setting. Though the Lokomat has evolved since it was initially introduced in 2001, the Lokomat Nanos helps patients who have lost some or all ability to walk due to conditions such as a stroke, a head injury, a spinal cord injury (paraplegia), multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s disease.

C-Mill VR+ with Hero Solution.

The C-Mill VR+ by Motek is a balance and gait treadmill training device which simulates challenges in everyday life through augmented and virtual reality with integrated assessments to help patients train for everyday life’s environments and changing circumstances, like walking in a crowded area or avoiding obstacles. Supporting the C-Mill VR+ is the Hero Solution, which combines Motek and Monitored Rehab Systems’ most suitable devices into one set of four hardware devices, synchronised by a smart and user-friendly software. It makes planning and treatment easy, as patient intake and treatment plan selection will automatically suggest which assessments, tests and questionnaires to take and which interventions to follow on the individual devices.

According to the centre, a one-hour session can range from S$150 to S$350.



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