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by | March 3, 2023

Johnson & Johnson Vision has come up with a three-part video series to bring more awareness of this condition.


Only half of all Singaporeans are said to be meeting the recommended frequency of getting their eye health check-ups once every two years. As a nation with a rapidly ageing population and an increasing burden of chronic diseases, the public should be aware of their eye health in order to ensure early interventions and better health outcomes.

Cataracts are one example of such a concern. With over 17,000 surgeries performed each year at the Singapore National Eye Centre and nearly 80 percent of seniors affected by the condition, cataracts continue to be one of the leading causes of blindness among seniors in Singapore. As such Johnson & Johnson Vision has come up with a three-part video series to bring more awareness of this condition. The series features cataract patients, their doctors and how they navigate their cataract journey – from being diagnosed with the eye condition to the decision-making process as well as post-surgery outcomes.

The three videos are as follows:

EPISODE 1 – Li Li and her doctor, Dr Clarissa Cheng from Lumin Eye Specialists Clinic discuss Li Li’s concerns prior to the cataract surgery, as well as her vibrant and active life after the implantation of a Monofocal Plus intra-ocular lens.


EPISODE 2 – Professor Chee Soon Phaik from the Singapore National Eye Centre discusses the importance of early diagnosis and choosing suitable treatment options for cataracts.


EPISODE 3 – So Mun Bin and her doctor, Dr Lim Wee Kiak from Eagle Eye Centre. Mun Bin had the most recent and advanced continuous range of vision (CRV) intra-ocular lenses implanted for cataracts. She shares her recovery process and her spectacle independent life post-surgery, while Dr Lim addresses questions about the latest treatment options available and key considerations for different options.


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(** PHOTO CREDIT: Beyond Cataracts’ website)


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