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by | October 14, 2022

FairPrice launches “Greater Value Every Day” initiative.


Consumers can shop smarter and save more with the launch of NTUC FairPrice’s “Greater Value Every Day” initiative. This initiative comprises an enhanced Everyday Low Price (EDLP) scheme, with price freeze for 50 selected popular daily essential items every month. It also offers discounts of up to 50 percent weekly under a new scheme called Price Drop Buy Now. Greater Value Every Day reflects FairPrice’s commitment in its ongoing efforts to help address concerns over the rising cost of living even as it faces the challenges of rising global commodity prices and supply chain disruptions.

The Greater Value Every Day initiative encompasses four main discount and value schemes:

  • Everyday Low Price (EDLP) – FairPrice will curate a basket of over 500 popular daily essentials that are priced low to provide the best value to the community. These items comprise popular grocery items such as fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, staples, dairy, paper products, detergents and household cleaners. To provide greater savings, FairPrice will freeze the prices of 50 items, out of a pool of over 500 popular daily essential items, every month. The list of 50 items will be announced every last Thursday of the month through its print, online and social media advertisements.
  • Price Drop Buy Now – It offers weekly discounts on items with discounts of up to 50-percent off. Price Drop Buy Now items are renewed weekly and announced every Thursday of the week also through print, online and social media advertisements.
  • Save Even More – This consists of the existing discount schemes for Pioneer Generation (PG), Merdeka Generation (MG), Seniors Discount, CHAS Blue cardholders, and 5-percent Stretch Your Dollar Discount between Monday and Friday, in addition to FairPrice member rebates and Linkpoints. NTUC Union and Link Members will also periodically enjoy discounts of 50 percent for specially selected items.
  • New & Exclusive – This refers to a range of specially curated products that are exclusive to FairPrice and offer good value.

To illustrate potential savings, the table below features items picked based on the profile of a senior and cross referenced with Everyday Low Price and Price Drop Buy Now Press advertisements dated September 29, 2022 and October 13, 2022 respectively. The prices listed are before discount. The customer segment basket simulates savings for the customer segment on a month’s worth of grocery purchases.

Customer profile Items in a typical basket*


 Savings + Linkpoint^


Seniors Full Cream Evaporated Milk 395g: S$1.70

FairPrice Rolled Oats 1kg: S$4.75

2 x FairPrice Breakfast Ham 200g: S$5.15

Pasar Hong Kong Papaya: S$2.25

Australia Packham Pear 800g: S$3.95

FairPrice Thai Fragrant White Rice 5kg: S$6.50

Pasar Chile Thawed Salmon Portion 400g: S$11.96

Premium Luncheon Meat 340g: S$6.50

2-Ply Soft Pack Facial Tissue 4s x 200 sheets: S$9.20

3 x Picked Lettuce 182g: S$2.25

2 x Tuna Chunks/Tuna Flakes Assorted 150g: S$6.40

Teabags 100s: S$5.75

Sunflower Oil 2L: S$9.95

2 x Instant White Coffee 15 x20g – 36g: S$14.60

Frozen Shrimp Meat Tail-Off 400g: S$9.95

2 x Powder Detergent Assorted 2.1kg/2.3kg: S$13.70

Porkee Frozen Pork Belly/Sweet & Sour Pork 500g: S$12

Frozen Boneless Chicken Leg 2kg: S$11.85

Total monthly grocery purchases: S$138.41 – S$21.08 = S$117.33

Stacking of savings and rewards:

(1)   38% of the basket are EDLP items

(2)   Total Savings = S$21.08 (15.2%)

Savings from PDBN items is S$16.85

3% Pioneer Generation discount:


Linkpoints Earned: 58.5 (worth S$0.58)


(** PHOTO CREDIT: Unsplash/Towfiqu Barbhuiya)


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