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New job opportunities for older women

Through a WINGS-KKH confinement nanny course, women over 40 have a chance to try something new.

BY: Eleanor Yap

The first confinement nanny programme started by the Women’s Initiative for Ageing Successfully (WINGS) and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) has given women 40 years and above new hope and a chance to work in a new industry. Said one of the programme’s first batch of nine participants, Anna Tan, who did not want to reveal her age, “At our age, there are not many jobs available for us. After (taking) this course, we can become confinement nannies.”

Added another participant and former insurance agent Angie Lim: “This is a new concept and training for us. It’s good and we can now be trained as confinement nannies. Nowadays, the new mothers do not have it easy. So far, they’ve been getting their confinement nannies from Malaysia. Even then, these have to be through referrals because you don’t know who’s good and who’s not.”

This 49-year-old mother of two has spent a year job-hunting. She had sent out “countless” resumes, even for housekeeping jobs, but nothing. She decided then to take the confinement nanny training course. It seems her luck has changed for the better – before the course started, Lim has her first nanny assignment!

The programme aims to equip these women with the most up-to-date knowledge and practical skills as confinement nannies or serve as competent confinement nannies to their own families. Added another participant, Esther Cheng, who did not want to reveal her age and is not seeking employment: “One of my children got married a year ago. Maybe soon I’ll be a grandmother and I can be chief! I can have all these (she points to the group of trainees) as my assistants! ”

New knowledge

At the end of the five-day course, participants will know about complete baby care, breastfeeding techniques, healthy confinement cooking, and be able to prepare 20 confinement meals and create well-balanced menu plans. They will also understand and identify the herbs used in confinement cooking that are essential towards re-nourishing and re-building the health of the new mother. Cheng and Lim explained that the confinement cooking lesson was particularly eye-opening and they now understand the importance of herbs.

Explained Dr Kanwaljit Soin, president of WINGS, of the need for such a course: “Over the past year, we met with various organisations and realised that there is a need in Singapore for quality home post-natal care given by trained personnel. Through this collaboration with KKH, we aim to equip some of our members with up-to-date knowledge and skills necessary for them to provide confinement nanny services.”

Added Lee Heng Pheng, director, Division of Nursing, KKH: “We are pleased to partner WINGS in this programme and help their participants acquire a set of useful skills that offer them an alternative job option as well as enable them to help postnatal mothers.”

Besides the age requirement, those signing up for the WINGS-KKH course should be Singapore citizens or permanent residents, have basic cooking skills and be a WINGS member (a year membership costs $10). The course, which is held in English, costs $1,200. Asked if there were any subsidies given, Amy Tan, executive director of WINGS, said: “In order to provide a subsidy, there has to be some strings attached such as a contracted period of time for services rendered or other forms of reciprocal engagement. The initial feedback we had received from our members during our planning stage was that the ladies preferred the freedom to choose between employment and use of the skills at home with their families. As such, WINGS decided not to offer any subsidy nor any binding terms for the participants.  So, the ladies can decide to take the course for their own personal development or to seek part-time employment.”

WINGS and KKH have signed an agreement to jointly run the confinement nanny training programme for three years. Tan explained that during this period, they will be assessing the course and getting feedback from participants. “We’ll review the programme and assess base on the demand for it.”

Other option

For those looking for a similar course in Mandarin can opt for Thomson Medical Centre’s hands-on confinement lady/nanny training course, which lasts two days. The course fee is $300, however, participants are required to serve a contract with TMC for a period of three years.

** The next WINGS-KKH confinement nanny training course will likely be February or March 2010. For more information, contact May Tan at 6250 1012 or e-mail: For the TMC course, call 6251 4090.



Special thanks to: Koh Joh Ju of Pinstripes Communications for her help on the story.



  1. Peiyin Hiew says:

    May I know if the confinement training course is still available? Is it available to participants outside of Singapore?

  2. Joe Tan says:

    Hi! May I know when is the new class for confinement nanny course, in the coming Year 2016? After the 5-days course, will the participants receive a Certificate of Participation in Confinement Nanny course, to prove that they have attended your course and have the knowledge and ability to take the role? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks : )

  3. Lee Jia Ying says:

    Hi I will like to know where can I find information regarding the course in Mandarin for TMC?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Susan says:

    Kindly let me know is there any intake for year 2016 yet. How to go about apply it? Thank you

  5. Josephine Lee says:

    May i know the confinement training course is still available?

  6. Alice says:

    May I know is there anymore confinement course available in 2016?

  7. Lian Liew says:

    is there any next available date for confinement nanny course? for malaysian, mandarin speaker. thanks

  8. Is there any next available date for mandarin speaker confinement nanny course? Any government subsidiaries?

  9. Annie says:

    May I know the next coming Confinement Course (Mandarin) available?
    I’m Singapore PR from Malaysia, age 40+
    Previously was work as TCM nurse,
    Have some knowledge in Chinese TCM herbs,
    also have some knowledge of massage for adults and baby,
    Interested in cooking Confinement meal.

    Any government subsidy/ WDA fund for coming Confinement course?

    Please email:

    Please advise.

  10. May Fong says:


    May i know the confinement training course for mandarin is still available ?
    How to apply it ?

    Thank you & regards
    May Fong

  11. Peggy says:

    I would like to know is there any class conducting in 2017?
    How do we look for our customer, will the hospital refer us the mom to be in KKH?


  12. Angeline says:

    I am interested in taking up the course in English, can I know how to apply.


  13. Annie says:


    May I know the next coming Confinement Course (Mandarin) available?

    Any government subsidy/ WDA fund for coming Confinement course?

    Please email:



  14. Christina Goh says:

    Hi there, may I know when is the next course intake and whether there’s an age limit for this course?

    Thank you.

  15. Jean Pang says:

    Hi, when is the next course intake? Any government subsidy ? Can I have the course program?

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  16. Junice Tan says:

    Hello:) please send me the Confinement Nanny Course for 2018. Hope to receive your email soon.

    Thank you for your help.

  17. Violet Hue says:

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  18. Tracey Tan says:

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    Pls advise the English & Chinese confinement course programs/ schedules for this year 2018.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon… thanks.

  19. Susan says:

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  22. Cathy Cheung says:

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  23. Wendy Wong says:

    Plesse send next intake -!confinement course brochures (english)
    Duration, fees, full or part time

  24. Tan Lay Keng says:

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  25. Jenny Lim says:

    I am a Malaysian and would like to receive more details of this confinement course.

  26. Angie says:

    Hi, may I know when is the next intake for the confinement course. Thanks!

    • agelessadmin agelessadmin says:

      Thanks, Angie, for your message. Please refer to the story as the contact details are in there. You should reach out to WINGS directly to see when the next course takes place. All the best.

  27. Sharon says:

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  29. Jeanie Ong says:

    HI, currently I am working as a part-time sale consultant on weekend. I am looking after a little boy on my weekday. I am up-grading myself for better job opportunity as full time in the year 2020.

  30. Joanne lee says:

    Keen on confinement nanny course pls email the details.thanks

    • agelessadmin agelessadmin says:

      Hi, Joanne, the e-mail is in the story. You might want to e-mail them directly on this. I have checked their website and I don’t see anything listed.

  31. Zaitun Shaikhsalim says:

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