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by | January 4, 2018

Get guaranteed yearly retirement income and no medical check-up needed.


China Life Insurance Singapore has launched a retirement plan called China Life Retire Easy that provides guaranteed yearly retirement income that increases every year. This plan is designed to ensure that even with rising life expectancy, one can have the peace of mind from receiving increasing guaranteed yearly retirement income from one’s chosen payout age till age 99.

The plan is ideal for customers seeking a stream of increasing guaranteed retirement income and enjoy life cover, as it will enable them to meet their retirement funding needs and leave a legacy for their loved ones in the event of premature death. Key features of the plan besides the increasing guaranteed yearly retirement income:

  • Capital guarantee – 100 percent of the yearly premiums paid is guaranteed.
  • Choice of premium payment terms and income payout ages – One can choose to pay yearly premiums over five, 10 or 15 years based on one’s financial comfort level and also decide when to start receiving retirement income payouts such as at age 55, 60, 65 or 70 years.
  • Maturity lump sum payout – The plan will mature on the policy anniversary immediately after the life insured turns age 99 and a lump sum payout will be made.
  • No medical check-up needed – No medical questionnaire and no medical check-up is needed for one to sign-up and kick-start the retirement plan.
  • Bequest for loved ones – Secure an inheritance for loved ones with life cover that will always be an amount that is more than the total premiums paid, should the unforeseen happen.

China Life Insurance Singapore has also launched its China Life SaveReward 101 Series III (SGD) endowment plan after both its earlier series have proved to be popular and been fully subscribed. With China Life SaveReward 101 Series III (SGD) endowment plan, customers can grow their savings with 2.08 percent p.a. guaranteed returns when the plan matures in five years.

In addition, they only need to pay a minimum annual premium of S$5,000 for three years to enjoy 100-percent capital guarantee and be covered against death for as long as they keep this plan. Customers do not need to do any medical check-up to enjoy the benefits of this plan.

China Life Retire Easy plan and China Life SaveReward 101 Series III can be purchased from China Life Insurance Singapore distribution channel network. The maximum age to buy the retirement plan is 65, while the age limit for the endowment plan is 75.




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