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If the costume fits …

A group of seniors are turning back the clock and fulfilling their lifelong dreams by dressing up as characters from Japanese anime.


Stage presence

A US theatre and concert group of seniors aged 73 to 89 takes to the stage during Singapore Arts Festival, supported by a founder who has been with them for 30 years.


Skating – a metaphor for life

Keeping active and finding love in a sport.


Let’s co-op

Seniors are starting co-operatives to help other seniors in different ways. However, is a co-op the right way to go?


Believer Gold Program

Believer Music offers its Believer Gold Program for those aged 60 and above where participants can choose the guitar or keyboard programme. The guitar programme is a seven-week module, one-hour per class each week, while the keyboard programme is an 11-week module, also one-hour per class each week. Each of the programmes […]


Walking to a better health

In Australia, pole walking has become an in-thing to do. We find out more this activity and why it has gotten so popular.


Brisk walking

Enjoy brisk walking with this one-stop brisk walking guide, which gives you an easy to follow warm-up and cool-down routine. Based on the Health Promotion Board (HPB) warm-up and cool-down developed by PROAGE, this completed DVD guide is suitable for all age groups and in comes in an English/Mandarin version. Pick […]


Paddling at any age

Active agers join youth in a dragon boat race.


All in the famili

First three-generational family fitness club brings families together to get fit.


Seniors at school camp

All in the name of a happy, healthy and active lifestyle, seniors try out new activities and meet new friends.