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Adding a little kopi with toast

A new initiative by the Council for Third Age to get active seniors to help the less active ones adopt a more exciting lifestyle.


Ageing has its price & privileges

Though old-age brings its share of medical issues, it also brings its share of amusement as this writer experienced.


A dialogue on ageing

An interactive exhibition in a children’s museum in Israel focuses on understanding ageing, and breaking down stereotypes and prejudices.


First-of-a-kind hackathon on active ageing in Singapore

Active Ageing Hackathon brings people together to tackle challenges seniors face in their daily lives and come up with prototypes that use technology to improve their lives.


Ageing well

A gerontology programme that caters to seniors rather than social work practitioners.


Reinvent yourself

Change is necessary as we age and it is not something to fear.


Making your apartment more accessible to loved ones

When your loved one moves in with you, you need to be able to cater to his or her needs. Here’s some advice from someone who knows apartments but also is a caregiver himself.


Grandchildren learn about ageing

A guide for grandparents to help grandchildren learn more about this topic, change mindsets about ageing and bond with each other.


‘Certificate in Community Gerontological Nursing’ launched

The first course dedicated to community gerontological nursing in Singapore.


Combat cellulite

A range of anti-cellulite compression wear clothing promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, flushing fluid and toxins from the body.