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Intergenerational bonding

Youth Corps’ programme puts youths together with socially-isolated seniors for 10 weeks in hopes of building lasting friendships.


Spinning the yarn

Part of a final-year project by NTU students, “The Silver Yarn Project” bridges the gap between the youth and the elderly.


Building bonds over books

Reading Clubs are enabling seniors to keep their minds sharp through book readings and discussions. And, they get to make new friends too.


Grandchildren learn about ageing

A guide for grandparents to help grandchildren learn more about this topic, change mindsets about ageing and bond with each other.


It’s a date

With grandchildren not spending enough of time with their grandparents, a 28-year-old has come up with a way to deal with this.


Date your grandparents

It is tough nowadays for kids to see their grandparents due to distance and school schedules. However, a bunch of SMU students are determined to bring them together.


All in the famili

First three-generational family fitness club brings families together to get fit.


Seniors at school camp

All in the name of a happy, healthy and active lifestyle, seniors try out new activities and meet new friends.