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Finding respite at night

The only programme in Singapore that offers a night care service for those with dementia in a nursing home setting, the programme provides activities to clients and respite for caregivers.


Seeking care anytime, anywhere

Portal for careseekers looking for help and for those seniors looking for that second career.


Burden no more

A woman opens up about her early struggles and frustration with her mother who has dementia to where she is today, more in control.


Getting mum or dad to try adult diapers without starting World War III

Seven practical tips to approaching your parents in a dignified way.


Developing cooperative relationships in caregiving

Caregiving can’t be done alone and will need family members involved. However, having a cooperative relationship amongst the family can be hard.


For better … or worse

Marriage is not just about the good times, it is also about the times in need when the other half’s health is affected. For 74-year-old Saek Choong, he had to suddenly take on the caregiving role for his wife.


Essential truths about dementia

As our population ages, dementia will increase, so debunking its myths are essential in understanding the condition and lowering your risk.


Avoiding adverse drug reactions

Know the drugs that could cause potential problems.


A 17-year-old does combat with Alzheimer’s disease

Thanks to his experience with his great-grandmother, one US teenager is determined to do whatever he can to help those with the disease.


5 habits of effective caregivers

Learn caregiving skills to make your journey a joy rather than a burden.