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Blood sugar control

Health supplement MororiX is ideal for pre-diabetics and help against the progress to Type-2 diabetes.


Better management of diabetes

NUS study found that pharmacist follow-ups cut diabetes costs and reduce health risks. 


Cardiovascular risk underestimated

Interim results of an online survey show low levels of awareness and limited dialogue between Type 2 diabetes patients and healthcare professionals.


9 healthy snack options for diabetics

Who says that a diabetic patient’s diet has to be boring?


Manage your diabetes

Here are 5 tips to get you on track to control your diabetes.


Diabetes management

A new smart coach to help those living with Type 2 diabetes.


Diabetic foot care: Going the extra mile

Those with diabetes need to take care of their feet so they can avoid infection or worse, amputation.


Large-scale study to better understand why people develop diabetes

The team hopes to identify biomarkers of progression and change the course of the disease.


Managing diabetes with a dash of humour

A 76-year-old shares how he deals his condition but doesn’t keep it too strict.


Gaps in eye health

Awareness of the importance of vision and eye health is relatively low among elderly Singaporeans according to recent national SNEC survey.