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Hear together

NTU students are encouraging family and friends to accompany seniors to go for hearing screenings.


“I can’t hear you”

Two seniors reveal their hearing loss and their hearing aid woes.


A family deals with hearing loss, together

A former Miss Universe Singapore shares some insights to talking to family members about getting hearing aids.


Singapore’s first mobile hearing clinics

The one-stop clinic, which provides comprehensive hearing test, hearing aid fittings and aural rehabilitation services, is planning to screen 8,000 residents aged 40 and above.


A convenient way to hear

A new company bets on convenience as the way to enable seniors to enjoy better hearing.


Training your brain to understand better

For those with light hearing loss or those who have given up on their hearing aids, there is a new solution that trains your brain to process sound faster and more accurately.


Choosing the right hearing aid

Hearing loss is a common condition affecting older adults. In Singapore, those who above 60 years old, it is estimated that over 80 percent may have some degree of hearing loss.