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Empty in the nest

A couple shares their woes when their three children left the home, and how a social experiment helped them regain their intimacy.


Arranged marriage

An 80-year-old grandmother of four and mother of two shares her story of her arranged marriage, her husband’s passing and her taking control of her life.


Secrets to a long-lasting marriage

Three tips from a couple who have been married for over 60 years.


Timeless love

A couple weathers many ups and downs including a father’s objections and celebrates 55 years of marriage.


Marrying a younger woman

Research has shown that there are benefits to older men marrying younger women. However, that doesn’t apply to women who marry younger men.


A Singapore story: 60 years of love & labour

A glimpse of a couple’s life over six decades which chronicles the spirit of survival against all odds and the ultimate sacrifices for the family good.