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Skin growths

Q. What is the difference between a callus, corn, blister and wart?


A cure for eczema?

An eczema sufferer for six years says an alkaline diet is his solution.


Protecting your skin from the sun

Learn how to minimise the harmful effects of the rays and be safe going outdoors.


Combat cellulite

A range of anti-cellulite compression wear clothing promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, flushing fluid and toxins from the body.


Moistured & healthy skin

Dermatological-approved Physiogel by Stiefel gives dehydrated and sensitive skin sufferers up to three days protection so their skin can remain healthy and moisturised. It helps restore and cement the outermost barrier of the skin so it retains the skin’s moisture and prevents pollutants from damaging the skin. This is all good news […]


Anti-ageing skincare system

The new ageLOC Transformation daily skincare system by Nu Skin comprises an anti-ageing serum, combination cleanser and toner, and day and night moisturisers. It combines the latest anti-ageing science to target not only the signs, but also the sources of ageing to create the company’s most advanced anti-ageing system. According to Nu […]


Looking & feeling good

Over time, our skin changes and wrinkles and fine lines appear. It is nothing to fret as this is all a natural part of ageing. However, there are things you can do to maintain the skin you have.


Athlete’s Foot

Lamisil Once distributed by Zuellig Pharma is a single application treatment for Athlete’s Foot that is said to clear the infection in more than 90 percent of patients and will see relief within 30 minutes. It puts a stop to symptoms like itching, scaling, redness and flaking. Athlete’s Foot is a […]


Taking care of your skin

Find out how you can protect your skin and keep it healthy, even in an air-condition environment.


Brightening treatment

Vit-C Derma MAP Renewal Treatment by TOUCHE is an intensive skin brightening and lightening treatment that is widely used by dermatologists and aesthetic doctors. Infused with MAP, a phosphate ester of ascorbic acid, and coupled with antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, the treatment restores clarity and luminosity. It […]